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Mobile Phones are a part of our lives with more applications every day. At the heart of the phone is audio, whether this be for phone calls, VoIP, voice recognition, music playback or multimedia. Dynamic Hearing partners with leading semiconductor companies to deliver its advanced audio signal processing to mobile phone manufacturers around be world.

Sophisticated signal processing algorithms are required to remove background noise, echo and wind noise from mobile phone audio signals. The Dynamic Hearing technology can be applied to the received, transmitted and side-tone signals. Enhanced speech intelligibility is achieved whilst maintaining superb audio quality.

Dynamic Hearing is continuing to develop new technology to improve the ease of communications for mobile phone users. Our specialized labs, engineering experience and knowledge of speech and hearing science enable us to lead the way in developing new solutions in this space.




Feature Set

  • Handset, Headset & Hands-free modes
  • Wideband Processing Optimized
  • Multiple Microphone Implementations
  • Transmit Noise Reduction
  • Echo Cancellation Full Duplex Control
  • Wind Noise Reduction
  • Automatic Volume Control
  • Advanced Side-tone Management
  • Receive Nose Reduction
  • Scalable Technology